The best performing spindle motors are those that are well maintained & handled with care.  Forgetting a few simple checks can have a profound impact on how well your spindle motor performs.

Follow these simple tips & checks to avoid a problem with your spindle motor, decrease the chances of a repair & increase your spindle motor performance at the same time.


Tips to Increase the Performance of your Spindle Motor:

10 Simple checks & practices to follow to keep your spindle motor working at its best!

  1. Check the spindle is mounted flat before use.
  2. Check the operating pressure of your spindle.
  3. Check the pressure of the tool clamping.
  4. Check that there is a good amount of lubricant available (Make sure the lubricant is clean from contaminates as well).
  5. Never tighten cold tools inside a hot spindle.
  6. Check your belts tension (If you have a belt-driven servo).
  7. Always use balanced cutting tools & assemblies.
  8. Never overtighten your belt on a belt driven spindle.
  9. Check that the spindle taper and pilots are clean.
  10. Check the speed, orientation and direction your spindle is rotating in.


Follow these simple checks and you should increase the performance of a spindle motor plus help increase it’s lifespan too.  Get into the habit of performing certain checks at regular intervals, you will keep your motor in good health and reduce the chance of an unexpected spindle motor repair!


Spindle Motor Repair Specialists in CT

While we hope these checks should help protect your motor if you ever find you need a reliable spindle motor repair, call Electric Enterprise.

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