Kollmorgen Servo Motor RepairAt Electric Enterprise we have been providing industry servo motor repairs for more than 60 years.  Working with most major servo brands, our technicians are experienced in all kinds of Kollmorgen servo motor repair.

We have the experience and knowledge needed to get you back up and running in no time!  When your Kollmorgen servo or servo drive stops working, you can rely on the highly skilled technicians to fix the problem.

At our repair center in Connecticut, we undergo extensive testing and troubleshooting to get your servo motor back to new again.  Working closely to Kollmorgen factory specifications, we take pride in offering quick turnaround times, without compromising on quality.  We understand how troublesome it can be having a servo motor out of action, which is why we have refined our repair process to offer one of the quickest turnaround times in the industry.

We inspect all aspects of your Kollmorgen servo motor, including:

  • Bearingskollmorgen-servo-motor
  • Housing
  • Output shafts
  • Resolver shielding
  • Worn/damaged flanges

If any part does not meet factory specifications then we will provide a replacement or repair.  Our technicians then go on to:

  • Remagnetize rotor magnets.
  • Re-manufacture a new Kollmorgen servo motor front flange using the old flange and factory dimensions.
  • Repair all the windings. Both AC and DC servo motors windings are washed, baked and tested.
  • Replace contaminated or damaged resolver rotors and stator.
  • Repair or replace brush holders and Bake-O-Lite insulation tubes on DC motors.


Once we are satisfied with the condition of the servo motor, we then provide extensive after repair testing, using a factory machine similar to one that you would be using yourself.  We endeavour to ensure that your servo is in the best condition, working to factory specifications when returned to you.  Our testing includes:

  • Testing for grounded electrical parts in the servo motor.
  • Surge testing all AC stators to at least 1500 volts.
  • Alignment test for your servo motor.


Quality Kollmorgaen Servo Motor Repair

We provide Kollmorgen servo motor rebuilding and repair for businesses across Connecticut and the rest of the country. Contact us to schedule a Kollmorgen servo motor repair today, call: (800) 243-6944