Fanuc Servo Motor RepairFanuc has been producing efficient Servo Motors for the manufacturing and motion control industries since 1956. At Electric Enterprise Fanuc Servo Motor Repair is one of our most frequent tasks, and we have built up an unparalleled level of experience in working with them. We offer fast turnaround on repairs for Fanuc Servo Motors.

We refurbish Fanuc servo motors to the highest standard, as if it was new from the factory. Working closely to Fanuc specifications, our technicians provide extensive evaluations of your Fanuc equipment.  We determine exactly why your Fanuc servo motor or servo drive is failing and what we can do to put it right, back to factory specifications.

At Electric Enterprise we inspect all aspects of your Fanuc servo motor, including bearing fits, housing fits and output shafts.  Our servo motor repair process has been tried and tested for many years.  Our Fanuc technicians have extensive training and experience in Fanuc servo motors. We pride ourselves on providing quality evaluations and repairs you can rely on.

As well as repairs, we also stock a range of quality used and reconditioned Fanuc motors.  If your Fanuc motor cannot be repaired, talk to us about our affordable replacement motors!

Electric Enterprise is your source for fast and effective Fanuc Servo Motor Repair at an affordable price!  Call today! (800) 243-6944


Quality Fanuc Servo Motor Repair

We provide Fanuc servo motor rebuilding and repair for businesses across Connecticut and the rest of the country. Contact us to arrange a service for your Fanuc servo motor today, call: (800) 243-6944