Follow these best practices and simply tips to maintaining your spindle motor in prime-working condition.

You can never guarantee something won’t go wrong but following these regular checks should prevent you running into too many problems & extend the life of your Spindle Motor..

Maintaining your Spindle Motor:

Regularly Check Spindle Runout

Make sure that you check your spindle motor’s runout at least twice yearly.

Test your Spindle’s spring force

Use a draw bar pull test to check your motor’s spring force.  Avoiding a large drop in spring force can save unnecessary to both your spindle motor & part.

Monitor Spindle Vibration

If you notice increased vibration levels be sure to check for worn bearings and change any that need replacing when necessary.

Always keep your spindle well lubricated

Keeping your spindle well lubricated is an absolute essential.  It’s one of the best methods of preventing wear and long-term damage.   Make sure that you always keep your lubricating fluids clean & at safe operating levels for best results.

You should always follow your machine tools OEM recommendation for lubrication frequency.

Regularly service air filters

For air/oil based spindle motors make sure to service the air-intake filters at regular intervals.

Maintain chiller unit temperature

For high speed spindles that come with their own cooling system always make sure that the chiller system does not suddenly rise in temperature.  If it does you should source an expert technician to assess the system and repair any problem.


Follow these simple tips & you should be able to extend the life of your spindle motor & hopefully prevent any avoidable problems!

Your trusted Spindle Motor repair specialists

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