Is your servo motor making excessive or unusual noises?  Electrical noise is often confused with a broken or worn motor, which is not always the case..

Read on to learn how to reduce servo motor noise & the common causes.

Electrical noise might seem more annoying than anything else, but in reality it can have a visible effect on the motor or drive itself.  Problems include the component misinterpreting information it has been provided, or even malfunctioning.  Understandably, if there’s anything you can do to prevent this, it is worth knowing! Which is why we have put this short guide together.


How can you reduce servo motor noise?

Here are a few simple ways to minimize noise & any related effects on your servo motor.

  • Minimize excess cables – Avoid loose cable lying around, it’s best to cut the cable to the shortest required length.
  • Choose shielded cabling – If you want to reduce servo motor noise, shielded cabling is a must have.
  • Ground your cable to the motor or drive – This is an essential step, especially if you choose to use shielded cabling, (never ground your cable to both the motor & drive).
  • Avoid feedback cables from running close to high-voltage cables – Choosing to put distance between your feedback cables & high-voltage cables will help reduce any damage to your motor caused by noise.

Electrical noise in servo motors is not often thought about.  When it comes to keeping your servo motor working at its best, reducing noise is just one simple method for preventing potential problems & keeping your servo running smoothly.

Try putting these ideas into practice and see if you notice the difference, it could save you from unnecessary downtime in the future!


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