Manfacturers that rely on CNC machine tools know that servo motors are one of the first parts that need replacing.

They are an essential component in lots of CNC machine lines, but servo motors are not immune to problems.

Over time servo motors will eventually break down, usually because of contamination, overloading or worn out bearings.  When they stop working you can be looking at a long wait for a replacement, often putting you out of operation for several weeks.

Get Back in Operation with Reconditioned Servo Motors

Reconditioned Servo MotorsWhen your servo motor breaks down, a reconditioned servo can be a viable alternative, saving you a lot of time, money and getting you up and running sooner.

These servo motors often work just as well, but cost far less than a new replacement.

Servo motor repai companies can recondition used motors so that they are as good as new, so why pay more?

Electric Enterprise have been providing quality repairs for motion control products for over 50 years.  We undergo rigorous testing of all used motors at our state of the art facility in Stratford, CT.

Our process includes:

  • Checking of all servo components – This includes: Housing, bearings, connectors, encoder covers and bell ends.  We perform thorough checks for wear and damage, checking that components are of good condition and working correctly.
  • Testing Motor Feedback – Ensuring that the resolver, encoder, hall sensor and tachometer are counting properly.
  • Replace Bearings, Seals etc.. – We replace all bearings, seals, connectors and o-rings with high quality, long life replacements.
  • Re-assemble the motor – We reassemble the motor so that it is aligned to the original manufacturer specifications.
  • Full testing – Finally we
    test the motor with a manufacturers drive as if it were in a real machine environment.  We record the relative amp, voltage and RPM to make sure it matches that of the manufacturer.

Reconditioned Servo Motors in CT

When you purchase a reconditioned servo motor from Electric Enterprise, you know that it has been thoroughly tested, will save you money and could even last you just as long as a new one.

We work with manufactures all across the US.

In need of a servo motor repair or replacement? Electric Enterprise have been an industry leader in motion control products and services since 1955.  Call us today to schedule a repair or replacement: (800) 243-6944