No business wants to suffer loss of productivity from a faulty motor, especially if it means several days downtime.

Follow these simple practices to help improve your servo motor uptime & avoid any nightmare scenarios from damaged or faulty automation equipment.

Improve your servo motor up-time

  1. Keep within the recommended capacity for your machine

Going over the recommended capacity for your servo is a surefire way to cause overheating, strain on your components & potential damage to your whole machine.  Never overload your motor and you will always enjoy servo motor up-time.

  1. Keep heat sinks & air intakes clean & clear

If your machine equipment & servo motors are kept clean you should always have a reliable, fully working machine.  To increase your servo’s up-time check the internal, external, chiller & circulation fans.  Be sure that your fans & filters have clear airflow & are not clogged with any dust or debris.

Heat sinks that become clogged are a common failure point. Since their job is to prevent overheating it is essential that you make regular checks to maintain up-time.

  1. Replace components before they fail

Preventative maintenance is possibly method to maintain servo motor up-time.  If you make repairs & fixes before something becomes a problem it generally keeps things running smoothly in the long-run.

Contact your local repair company to schedule a health check of your servo & other automation machines.  Finding areas that need repairing or replacing early is the key to maintaining quality up-time.

  1. Keep backup components

Do you have a plan for when your equipment fails?  Keep back up components (especially those that fail more often) and your servo motor up-time will be back on track soon after something fails.

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