Has your servo motor dropped in performance recently? What are the signs you need servo motor repair?

Servo motors are one of the first components in a CNC machine to break down.  Keeping on top of regular maintenance is the best way to prevent downtime and keep your servo motor running for longer.

But what are the signs that you might need a servo motor repair? What should you look out for?

7 Signs You Need Servo Motor Repair

1. Your Servo Motor has Become Contaminated

It’s easy for servo motors to become contaminated by dust, oil and other contaminents.  Over time this can lead to overheating and damage to your servo’s components.  Check the condition of your motor on a regular basis, if it is dirty it could require a clean up.

2. Your Servo Motor is Louder than Usual

This could mean that the bearings have worn out, the shaft isn’t fitted correctly or the fans are not doing their job properly.  Don’t ignore a noisy servo motor! Schedule a servo motor repair if you suspect a problem.

3. Your Cooling Fans have Worn

Over time cooling fans can ear to the point that they cannot be repaired.  If this happens you could be looking at a broken down servo due to overheating.  Check your cooling fans are working correctly and never leave it too long to schedule a repair.

4. Your Servo Draws High Amps

This is a sign of an internal problem and could indicate that your servo is about to break down. If your motor draws high amps, schedule a repair as soon as possible.

5. Your Heatsinks are Dirty

If your heatsinks become dirty they can become less effective at cooling your servo, which can lead to overheating.  A dirty heatsink is often a sign that other areas of your servo could be contaminated too.

6. You Overrun Your Equipment

If you constantly run at a high capacity your servo will need repairing sooner rather than later.  Remember that all servo motors have a recommended rate of capacity that you should stick to.  Avoid running over this capacity for long periods of time.

7. You Neglect Regular Maintenance

If you haven’t serviced your servo motor in at least a year, it is probably time to arrange a repair.  It is recommended that you service your motor even if it appears to be working fine.  This is the best way to prevent breakdowns and unexpected downtime.  Preventative maintenance ensures that your servo equipment is clear from contamination and that worn parts are replaced before they cause a problem.  Preventative maintenance is the best way to increase the lifespan of your servo motor.


These are just some of the common signs you need servo motor repair. If you notice any of the above problems, it is probably time to schedule a servo motor repair.


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